7O6T - QSLing


This Online QSL Request System is free of charge and will help you avoid sending your innitial card via the Bureau. Just fill out the form to request your 7O6T card via the Bureau.

2. Direct cards via OQRS

In order to receive your 7O6T card direct using OQRS please provide us with the PayPal transaction number when you make your request.
Please note that in order to receive your card or cards direct sufficient donation via PayPal is required to cover the International shipping expences and PayPal charges. Single card or up to two cards in the single envelope requres a minimum 3,50 USD donation. Shipping charges for each additional two cards will require the same amount added accordingly.
Main four-sided QSL card is designed to host up to four contacts, if by any reason you need rest of your contacts to be placed on the second (two-sided) card - please note that in the comment field in OQRS. When you make your donation to 7O6T please put your callsing in the comment box.

3. Direct cards by mail

You can send your cards direct at any time to our QSL Manager UA3DX:

Nick Averyanov
P.O. Box 39, Vlasikha,
Moskovskaya obl. 143010, Russia

Please make sure that you have included self-addressed envelope with sufficient return international postage. Please use IRC's with validity date for at least till the end of this year.
DO NOT include any CASH into the envelope as you might risk your letter never gets to its destination.

4. Cards via Bureau

Whilst we are strongly recommend to use our free OQRS (see point 1 above) to request your card, you still can send your cards via the Bureau. All bureau cards will be answered after all direct requests are fulfilled.

5. Russian direct cards.

Для российских станций достаточно обратного конверта с наклеенными марками из расчёта 14 рублей за каждое письмо до 20 гр. (две карточки) по тарифу Почты России.

6. LOTW - we are supporting Logbook of the World and will upload our entire log by the end of November, 2012.

7. All sponsors of the DX-pedition will receive their cards direct and expedited LOTW upload in case they are filed OQRS request.